scentwork dog


Your dog loves to smell his way through the day – this is his way of ‘reading the newspaper’! Teach your dog to harness his or her natural nose skills and use them to create a great learning experience for you both, increasing the value of your relationship and providing huge enjoyment. Watch as your dog learns to sniff out what you are teaching him to look for and prepare to be amazed at his skills. Open to all breeds, whatever your level of training, using your dog’s instinctive behaviour and channelling it into positive stimulating and fun exercises mostly involving your dog using his nose in scent detection.

  • Helps to build your dog’s confidence and independence
  • Builds focus
  • Improves trust between you and your dog
  • Helps your dog to problem solve
  • Stimulating, fun and exciting for you and your dog
  • Helps your dog to burn off excessive energy
  • Helps to build up a less confident dog
  • All learnt through the use of your dog’s favourite toy to reinforce the sense of fun


Tracking Club

Have you always wanted to have a go at tracking but never knew how to start? Then here is your opportunity. Open to any breed of dog.  Learn about the theory of track laying, how does a dog track?, how to get your dog tracking? Build your skills through to pattern tracks and ultimately onto continuation tracks and competitions even!

  • Great for your dog that has that extra energy that nothing wears them out
  • Great for your steadier dog too
  • Great for your dog that continually has its nose on the ground sniffing anything and everything!
  • Builds your dog’s stamina and fitness
  • Harnesses your dog’s natural instinctive behaviour in a fun and challenging exercise.
  • Opportunity for you to work as a team with your dog
  • Builds trust with your dog