Dog Workshops, Clubs & Courses


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All workshops are limited on places to ensure every dog & handler get the most from their training.

Please see our events calendar  here to see all the doggy events we have scheduled throughout the year.


dogfitDog Fit

Launching 15th January 2018 @ 11:00

Come and join us on our new Dog Fit weekly club. To be held on Mondays at 11am . Group walks around the Chorleywood countryside across fields and bridleways, burning off calories and training your dog and having fun at the same time.

Dynamic and fun doggy exercises to keep them alert, responsive and interactive on the walk. Control at gates, recalls through the other dogs, jumping over logs and other obstacles all in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

  • Keep yourself trimmer and healthier
  • Great for your health
  • Great for your dog’s health and stamina
  • Meet likeminded people
  • Improves focus of your dog on you
  • Improves interaction between you and your dog.
  • Creates stimulation and new challenges for you and your dog.
  • Builds trust.

Walks held on Mondays and last 1&1/2 hrs.
Cost £10.


Barking Mad DTS – Rickmansworth provide 12 weeks puppy courses.  These help set you  off on the right path with positive guidance. Build a healthy relationship and harmonious household by teaching life skills.

We will help you teach your dog basic manner skills and provide mental enrichment at this early learning phase in their life. This is one of the vital stages in their life, they learn quickly and the earlier light training starts the better.

Intensive Courses & Dog Workshops

We run throughout the year all sorts of intensive courses, these are a few:-

Can’t recall won’t recall – this is designed for dogs with recall problems and goes through different techniques.

Platform training for trick, target and position work.

Click & Trick training to engage your dogs mind, improve on accuracy and build a repertoire of dog tricks.



We tend to take a fun approach, but offer competitive agility classes for those that would like to compete. The courses are designed to teach you all the techniques, control and knowledge you’ll need should you wish to take the sport further.

We have customers come that do regularly compete and others that just want to have fun. There is no pressure from us it is entirely up to you.

Working Trials

Heelwork, Nosework, Tracking and Agility….

If you have a high drive dog that is bouncing off the walls why not have a go at working trials, this is the decathlon of dog sports. In working trials you will do heelwork, nosework, tracking, agility – not pet agility this will include scaling a 6ft scale with control (depending on the breed of dog you have, terriers will jump 3ft), retrieves and distance control.

There is definitely no way your dog will become bored mastering all the exercises. This class is open to all breeds of dogs and during the year we run mock working trials so that customers can experience what an actual trial will be like, trophies and rosettes are obviously included.

For those that want to then go off and compete we can advise you on some good trials locally to your training ground.

Gun Dog Workshops

Gundog training is for all breeds of dog.

Teach your dog to stop, recall and hunt on a whistle command. We have all breeds of dogs participate including terriers and huskies so don’t be put off just because you don’t have a gundog!

You will be taught the basic whistle commands, will introduce your dog to working in thicker cover and will teach your dog to mark to a gunshot. Your instructor will teach you how to control your dog at a distance by directing them left, right, back. We have a mock working test during the year so you can see how far you have come with trophies and rossettes up for grabs.