We are absolutely delighted to welcome Jodie Nazimi to our training team. She specialises in teaching agility  and brings a wealth of skills and experience to Barking Mad Dog Training School Rickmansworth.


If you want to keep your dog in top condition both physically and mentally then agility  is a good place to start. Dog agility is a dog sport in which the handler directs their dog through an obstacle course in a race for speed and accuracy. In competition, dogs run off  lead with no food or toys as incentives, and the handler can touch neither dog nor obstacles. The handler’s controls are limited to voice, movement, and various body signals, requiring exceptional training of the animal and coordination of the handler.

About Jodie

I am passionate about agility and the lifestyle that goes with competing at agility shows. I attend shows with my two children, competing and camping regularly.  Its a real family event. I have Magic, who is my large Dalmatian cross. We are 1 win away from grade 7, which will allow us to compete for the title of Agility Champion. My 9 year old son has qualified for Crufts twice already with Magic. We also run Lucky a spaniel cattle dog cross at grade 5. She had a year out last year but looks set to return in March 2018 to compete at the junior championships with my daughter.

I believe agility should be an inclusive sport for all breeds and all people. I am creative with my training and find the best method for each partnership, determined by handler mobility and dog ability. Agility is a fun sport and the agility community is very welcoming and supportive.

First time training? Here are some tips…

Don’t feed your dog a meal for 4hrs before jumping as full tummies can get twisted

Only a flat collar with no tags can be worn under test and this is recommended for training too due to safety.

Wear sensible shoes/cloths for grass and the weather conditions layers are best as you will get hot when working your dog and may cool off quickly between your turns, a coat for your dog is advisable to cover warm muscles.

Bring your dog’s favourite toy and have a spare replica in case they decide not to return with it. If they don’t play with a toy you will need a lotus ball or clam to deliver food in.    

Bring lots of treats small enough to swallow whole as chewing will just slow you down!

Bring your smile and sense of humour as agility is fun first and foremost! The first rule of agility is having fun, both you and your dog.

Jodie’s Agility Lessons & Workshops


Weekly Agility Class 13:30 – 14:30 – Cost £10

1-2-1’s slots are available before the 13:30 class – Cost £25 per 30 minutes. Slots can be shared.


These class dates will vary slightly to fit around competitions. Dates will be published well in advance.

Agility Workshops 11:00 – 13:00. Cost £25. Each workshop will concentrate on one of the following; foundation skills; independence and drive; contact criteria; sequencing.

Foundations Agility Class (low impact & suitable for young dogs) 13:30 – 14:30 – cost £10

1-2-1’s slots are available from 14:30 – Cost £25 per 30 minutes. Slots can be shared.

Agility Workshops

20th Jan Foundation Agility, a 2hr workshop focusing on the basic skills needed for agility, building your relationship, working on recall, send to dead toy, waits. We will also look at play for working dogs, motivation and drive. For first time agility trainers and puppies under 12months, limited to 6 in a class.

27th Jan Beginner Agility, for dogs over a year that are new to agility. We look at all the DOGS skills in this class, how to do individual pieces and then putting them in to a sequence.  We touch a little on handler skills but at this stage we are teaching dogs the skills they need to stay safe on the agility field. In this session I will introduce the Seesaw and do some box jumping.

10th Feb Independence and Drive, 2hr workshop for dogs that can complete all obstacles on the agility field, this workshop gets them working away from you and performing the obstacles alone. Placement of reward is important for this workshop so if your dog does not play with toys then you will need a lotus ball or clam to deliver a food reward.

24th Feb Contact Criteria, 2hr workshop working on your contact criteria we will focus on 2 on 2 off and self-control and proofing these.  We will work on all 3 contact pieces.

10th March sequencing, 2hr workshop for dogs that can do all obstacles. We will look at a short sequence and decide which way to run it for our own dogs. This will consist of 1 piece of contact equipment and some jumping skills. Looking at handler position and best lines for your dogs, which handling methods work well, perfecting your skills as a handler and how to walk a course.

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